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Banquet hall for weddings

The wedding is the brightest, most memorable and important day for two people who decided to unite by marriage. Naturally, such a celebration can not be ignored, not captured in memory and in photographs. In order not to spoil the holiday, it is important to take a responsible attitude towards the choice of the photographer, the salon and, of course, the restaurant.

Our restaurant “Aristocrat” offers the organization of a luxurious wedding banquet in Vinnitsa for every taste and budget – by ordering the hall from us, you will be amazed by the highest service, atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. Each wedding is unique for us, so the hall is designed in a special style whenever new newlyweds leave an order for a banquet in honor of creating a family.

Organization of a wedding banquet: features

Regardless of whether a large-scale celebration or a modest wedding is planned, we will find an option that will suit everyone. If there are not enough guests, we will offer a wedding reception in Vinnitsa – guests will be able to freely move around the hall, communicate among themselves and treat themselves to light snacks, for which only one appliance is required. This allows you to organize a wedding in a European style, where there are no richly furnished tables, and the choice falls on all sorts of snacks and drinks.

If the menu for a wedding banquet is chosen for a large number of guests, it is worthwhile to diversify the table: take care of the availability of the first and second dishes, as well as salads, snacks, drinks and other products. Our universal restaurant for weddings offers clients a number of advantages:

  1. The highest service. Polite friendly staff will take care of all the trouble associated with the organization of the celebration and the decoration of the hall. They will also help to rent the hall and will prompt you which room to choose for a certain number of guests.
  2. Advantageous cost of services. The wedding is, no doubt, a very costly exercise. Turning to us with the organization of the banquet, you get the opportunity to save a little, because loyal prices remain available to a wide range of customers.
  3. A varied menu. Regardless of the taste preferences of the guests, the dishes placed on the table will be admired with impeccable taste. Meat, fish, vegetable dishes, as well as all kinds of salads and snacks from professional chefs are cooked with love and have an amazing taste.

In addition, the restaurant is located in the hotel complex “Aristocrat”, which allows guests to stay at the right time. According to tradition, a wedding should be played for at least 2-3 days, to which invited guests should think about accommodation and accommodation. Comfortable comfortable rooms of the hotel are created just for this purpose – you can enjoy the holiday, dancing and snacks, without leaving the hotel and restaurant complex.

Rent of a banquet hall

Взять в аренду банкетный зал вместительностью до 50 человек очень просто: все, что от вас требуется – позвонить по указанным на сайте номерам и оформить заказ. Менеджеры ресторана подскажут, когда есть свободные даты, а также уточнят все подробности, связанные с вашим торжеством. Мы с предельным вниманием относимся к заказам наших клиентов, поэтому каждая свадьба – лучшая, уникальная и неповторимая!

Стоимость проведения торжества напрямую зависит от количества человек, выбранного меню, стиля оформления помещения и прочих факторов. В любом случае, цены приятно удивят заказчиков.

Features of the menu

When choosing dishes for a bright holiday, it is necessary to take into account the taste preferences of invited guests and newlyweds. We are ready to offer a huge assortment of dishes, including cold and hot snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Also in the range includes making a wedding cake for the young.

The menu is negotiated in advance with the administrator of the restaurant, after which the client can make corrections to it if desired (a few days before the event). Be sure to indicate the time of arrival of guests to the restaurant, so that the cooks can cook, arrange and serve treats for guests. If the table is limited to a buffet table, it is desirable to make snacks as varied as possible – from meat and fish to vegetable and fruit. Give a good mood and strength of various sweets like expensive sweets, delicious cakes and cookies.

What you need to consider when organizing

Troubles associated with organizational issues, the restaurant staff will assume. From customers only need to choose the style in which the wedding will be held, to appropriately arrange the room, as well as provide accurate information about the number of guests and menus. It is possible to organize a combined feast when hot drinks, confectionery or garnishes will be present along with the buffet meals.

To make the wedding bright, memorable and interesting – call the “Aristocrat”, and we will happily organize your celebration!

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