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Banquet hall for all celebrations

Do you plan to organize a holiday, but do not know where it is better to celebrate the celebration? Or would you like to make a surprise to a dear or close friend? In this case, it is better to look for our place restaurant: we offer the highest level of service, combined with the best prices and the maximum help in organizing the event. Renting a banquet room is possible at 10, 15, 30 or even 100 people, so any celebration is simply doomed to success.

The Aristocrat Restaurant has a single hall with several zones where you can hold any celebration, from the birthday of the child to the wedding and jubilees of the big companies, where it is not ashamed to call solid business partners and famous people. We guarantee high-quality, aesthetic and unforgettable banquets for people with different material abilities and personal preferences.

Organization of banquets in the restaurant

We offer organizing and holding banquets for any holidays. If you need a bright, interesting and memorable celebration, order a rental in our restaurant! We provide all conditions for such holidays:

  1. Wedding. One of the most important days in the life of every person who must go just perfect. Order a banquet for a wedding at the Aristocrat restaurant – a good solution: our employees will arrange the hall in a custom style, invite (at the request of the client) musicians, organize the necessary space for dancing and contests.
  2. Birthday (anniversary). Regardless of whether the anniversary of the company or the birthday of a loved one is approaching, we will provide the organization of receptions, banquets in such a way that all invited guests are satisfied with the holiday.
  3. Corporations. After a busy working period, on eve of holidays or on other occasion, colleagues often decide to have a rest, having arranged a corporate party in a restaurant. By ordering a celebration with us, you will not have to worry about solving all kinds of organizational issues – we will do everything for you!

In addition to these activities, we offer the organization of outdoor receptions in offices, at home and other facilities. In this case, you do not have to go anywhere – you just have to wait until the holiday comes to you.

If seminars and conferences are to be held, we are ready to help with the organization of the break: nourishing buffet, coffee or tea will make the event easier and more interesting, as well as help restore strength to the new work.

Organization of celebrations, banquets: menu features

Regardless of what event is planned, we offer a varied menu of different dishes that will surely appeal to the invitees. Different variants of organization of the festive table are:

  1. Banquet-buffet. Light snacks, located on separate tables, are taken to eat using one appliance. This is a good option for a corporate corporate or business event, as well as for a small company vacation. The room has enough space for guests to move freely and interact with each other for their interests.
  2. Banquet-cocktail. An option for a youth party, when the purpose of the present – not to encroach on and talk, but to dance, sing karaoke and just fully relax. At the cocktail party, snacks are served, which are eaten without cutlery: cookies, candies, fish rolls, sandwiches and others.
  3. Buffet. The organization of the buffet will be very helpful if many guests are going to gather: for example, for a wedding, company’s birthday or birthday. Invited will be able to choose among a multitude of different dishes like appetizers, side dishes, salads and drinks.
  4. Banquet. The most popular version of the holiday, which can invite many guests and mark a significant event.

Organization of receptions, cocktail parties and other is conducted by experienced restaurant staff, who have extensive experience and will surely fall even to the most demanding customers.

The best venue for celebrations in Vinnitsa

We offer organization of banquet service so that guests always feel the support of the staff. Benevolent waiters will unobtainably remove empty dishes, they will prompt you to make a particular dish, make recommendations. And an impeccable design of the buff table will please even those who dance in dishes and choose only special dishes. At the same time, the cost of holding banquets remains affordable for most customers – the exact price of the organization of the holiday depends on the number of guests, the choice of the hall for the celebration and the feast.

Celebrate a holiday in the restaurant “Aristocrat” – it is profitable, interesting and correct. We will take care of organizing events so that you can fully relax and enjoy your holidays. You can order a banquet by calling the phone numbers indicated on the site: friendly consultants will gladly invite all the details of the event and will give a lot of valuable advice.

Outgoing banquet

The exit banquet in Vinnitsa combines a full range of services at a more than decent level. The customer may make suggestions or adjustments regarding any part of the holiday, which must be taken into account. The assortment of dishes is varied, ranging from thematic national cuisine to the vegetarian and exotic menu.

Organizing and conducting outdoor banquets provides stylish and beautiful decoration, attentive service and the most delicious dishes, which helps to fully enjoy the celebration.

Menu of the banquet, prices

Hotel “Aristocrat” (Vinnitsa) gives an opportunity to organize a memorable event in any cozy corner of the city. The price of the service is quite affordable, and the costs will undoubtedly pay off if you consider that the client completely takes care of planning a celebration, buying products and preparing guests for their guests. We are just sure that after the celebration everyone will have only positive reviews and pleasant impressions.

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