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Catering Vinnitsa

To date, catering is a fairly new branch of services, which consists in preparing and conducting a banquet without anchoring to a certain place. The offered service includes the serving of the table, preparing the dishes, delivering them to the right place, serving, cleaning, etc. The firm fully organizes the holiday and takes care that everything is at the highest level. The planned event can be held anywhere, everything depends on personal preferences and imagination. Outgoing catering in Vinnitsa will make a banquet unforgettable, which will be remembered by all present for a long time.

Catering prices: need or luxury?

Catering Catering will always help at a crucial moment. This service can be used by all without exception – both large companies and ordinary people. This service has become more popular among organizers of festivals, concerts, closed receptions, fashion shows, various presentations and wedding banquets. There is no doubt that this is very convenient and beneficial in modern life. The team of workers will be able to fulfill all wishes of the customer, will help fully rest and spend time in a relaxed, light atmosphere.
Calculate the price for catering in Vinnytsia can be after the call.

Types of catering services and a variety of activities

There are several types of catering:

  • Barbecue.
  • Beer Catering
  • Business lunch.
  • In the office.

Vinnitsa and the hotel “Aristocrat” are always happy to meet their guests, therefore offers their services to carry out events on any scale while taking orders:

  • For corporate
  • For a wedding
  • For a birthday.
  • Children’s parties
  • Party.
  • New Year.
  • Conferences

How and where to order catering is inexpensive

Complex service can be ordered at our office, home, in a removable room, in a country cottage or any other place. Keithing services for corporate at a price will be more economical, if holiday is spent on departure. In this case, the client does not feel the difference from the traditional rental of a restaurant or banquet room and saves time. The service is very mobile, so you can arrange an event in the nature, yacht, recreation center and the most cozy and lovely corners of the city. In order to calculate how much it costs to hold a planned celebration, all the points, up to the smallest detail, should be taken into account. The price will depend directly on the planned menu, the number of guests and the need for additional services.

The main advantages of our services

Organization of banquet catering, which can be ordered at the Aristocrat Hotel, is a very favorable proposition. Our restaurant includes a team of professionals with relevant work experience and qualifications. Important advantages of cooperation with us are:

  1. Variety of menus, high level of service.
  2. Comprehensive service (decorations, dishes, furniture, etc.).
  3. There are no restrictions on choosing a place and designing a banquet.
  4. The weight of the positive and the lack of problems with the organization of the event.

In addition, absolutely unique variants of the holiday are provided. Depending on the event, whether it is corporate or a quiet family feast, professional organizers are ready to fulfill any wishes of the client, to give the events an individual character.

Menu for catering

Dishes for the holiday are of great importance, because entertainment and recreation require the cost of energy and energy, including. Catering menus in the nature and in the office can be fundamentally different, but for our employees, this question is absolutely not a problem. The assortment of dishes is agreed in advance, and the products are bought the highest quality. Thus, the proposed kitchen is able to satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

Tasteful experiences

The best of french wines

Show list of wines
  • Barsac
  • Beaujolais
  • Bergerac
  • Bordeaux
  • Cabardes
  • Champagne
  • Haut-Médoc
  • L’Étoile
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