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Organization of coffee breaks in the restaurant

Organization of coffee breaks in the restaurant

Within various seminars, business meetings, trainings and other events our restaurant organizes a half-hour break for participants – coffee break. At intervals of 20-40 minutes, those who want to break will be able to quench their hunger with sandwiches, cookies and other foods, and also to have a cup of fragrant coffee, tea or a glass of mineral water. So, with that coffee break, we figured out. What is its features?

Conducting coffee breaks: benefits

In psychology, there is an interesting hypothesis in which it is said that a person is able to easily remember new information within an hour, after which it is necessary either to explore a new topic, or (more preferably) to do a small break. That is why the decision to order coffee breaks in our restaurant has a number of positive sides:

  1. Participants of the event will be able to rest, “digest” the information and bite with fresh products. From drinks on the table will be present: coffee, tea, juices, mineral water with gas and without gas.
  2. During the break you can get to know some of the people more closely, make new acquaintances.
  3. In a simple, light atmosphere, you can chat with other people about the news, exchange thoughts and impressions, and evaluate the future probable opportunities and perspectives after the meeting.

Easy snack in a relaxed atmosphere allows you to take a fresh look at the subject of discussion, make some decision or just relax a bit before the next stage of work.

How to order a coffee break?

Our Aristocrat restaurant in Vinnitsa offers its clients a rental room to enjoy a short break after a training, seminar or conference. If you are going for a long time – for example, for 7-8 hours, the coffee breaks restaurant organizes in the amount of three or more. This will help maintain the performance of participants, good spirits and cheerfulness throughout the meeting. The cost of renting a room depends on the number of people and the features of the table – sometimes on the buffet table put not only cookies and sandwiches, but also unusual snacks, which are intended for guests.

In any case, the price will be acceptable to most customers. There is nothing better than having a rest and having a snack after hard work or listening carefully to new information – call right now on the phones listed on the site, and we will organize an excellent coffee break specially for your event!